compile errors in dlls/ddraw

Lionel Ulmer lionel.ulmer at
Sun May 11 13:33:10 CDT 2003

> I thought gl_ext.h exposed what the driver can understand. If you 
> compile OpenGL code with extensions that the driver can't use at 
> runtime, how will it react? Is there a check before using an extension?

Not at all.... By definition, glext.h defines all extensions present at the
time of generation of the file (as Wine's GL files, it's auto-generated from
the GL extension registry on SGI's CVS repository).

After, it's the job of the software to detect at run-time which extensions
are present, but can do a build supporting all of them even on a box which
only support GL 1.1 and no extensions at all.

It's a bit as if you said 'but why does the OSS .h files define AFMT_S16_LE,
my card only supports 8 bit sounds anyway'.

> I don't think shipping a gl_ext.h file is the way to go. Same thing for 
> libs: we don't ship CUPS with Wine (although a lot of projects ship zlib).

glext.h is only a header file, it's not a library.


PS: Raphael will laugh because he wanted to ship glext.h once and I said it
    was not a good idea :-))

		 Lionel Ulmer -

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