Lotus Notes and wine and RedHat 9

Andreas Mohr andi at rhlx01.fht-esslingen.de
Mon May 12 11:12:49 CDT 2003


On Mon, May 12, 2003 at 01:28:55PM +0200, Uwe Bonnes wrote:
> >>>>> "Mike" == Mike Hearn <m.hearn at signal.qinetiq.com> writes:
>     >> Hallo,
>     >> 
>     >> it boiled down that Andi added a lot of functions in the user32 spec
>     >> file, with no implementation provided. These functions are mostly
>     >> only implemented in recent windows version, and Notes has to cope
>     >> with these functions not available. But as we added them in the spec
>     >> file, this request will be granted, but later fails when this
>     >> function should be executed.
>     >> 
>     >> I notified Andi, but got no feedback so long.
>     Mike> Perhaps a patch should be sent that comments out these functions
>     Mike> in the spec file until there are implementations of them?
> It seems like Alexandre already cared...
Fortunately :)

I'm afraid that I didn't reply because it was a bit difficult:
my WD subscription had bounced once again, so I didn't receive the relevant
traffic, so I couldn't read it properly.

So I finally had enough and made the mailing list bouncing settings yet
more relaxed.
(I mean come on, I've had my subscription bounce about 6 or 7 times already,
so I was REALLY fed up enough to be ripe for a change...)

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