Wine Window Sizing

wine at wine at
Tue May 13 17:11:11 CDT 2003

I noticed (when playing freecell) that wine doesn't respect maximum window 
sizes defined by the application and doesn't flash the title bar when using 
the KDE window manager (it works fine using Desktop=... in the config file)

This seemed as though it might be a reasonably straight forward area for a 
wine newbie to try to fix so I've started by writing a test program that 
calls the relevant methods. My program behaves as I believe it should when 
run on Windows NT or XP or in Desktop mode and exhibits the same problems as 
freecell when using the KDE window manager. (Code is available at if anyone is interested).

Anyway it looks as though wine doesn't attempt to make any ICCCM calls with 
the ptMaxTrackSize value in the structure obtained with WM_GETMINMAXINFO or 
for FlashWindow.

Before I look into how I could implement this, is there a reason it isn't done 
or is anyone else working on it?

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