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Sat May 17 09:09:07 CDT 2003

I'll add one more point to the above.

There is a true dependancy problem between different DLLs here. When 
calculating reordering, certain character order information is needed, 
that is not returned by GetCharacterPlacement. This means a new 
interface must be defined.

The way MS solved that problem was to implement a totally new DLL, that 
has everything (both EDIT control and reordering), and have all relevant 
DLLs dynamically load it (because statically loading it would cause 
circular dependancies).

If Alexander rules that no new DLLs be added at this stage, I can put 
the new code as non-exported functions into GDI.DLL, but it will only 
hold until BiDi Edit control is necessary. I think we might as well add 
the new DLL now.


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