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Uwe Bonnes bon at
Sun May 18 05:21:29 CDT 2003

>>>>> "hatky" == hatky  <hatkyinc at> writes:

    >> Log message: Moved vxd support to winedos.
    >> Patch:

    hatky> I did not know wine has vxd suppot I remeber trying kali and as
    hatky> it trys to load a vxd that does
    ipx-> tcp/ip I was getting fixme's and the vxd was not
    hatky> loaded....

    hatky> And to the topic why sould it be in dos when win95 and win98
    hatky> support it I know winnt/winxp do not, I am not sure about the
    hatky> rest but this is not dos....

Wine doesn't support native VXD. But you can replace a native VXD with a
builtin. But then you must rewrite the VXD.

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