wine/ dlls/winedos/ dlls/winedos/.c ...

hatky hatkyinc at
Sun May 18 07:57:03 CDT 2003

> > 5. Was supporting real windows drivers ever came
> up? I
> > know that if something like this would of been
> done it
> > wouldn't be it wine but I wander, is there such a
> > project?
> It has been raised in the past yes, especially as
> some apps need VxDs to
> run properly, but there is no easy solution to using
> them.
I actually ment a real windows driver not a VXD but I
forgot that about every windows version has other
drivers but never the less it seems like if there was
such a thing I could speed up games a lot since I
remeber test from "tom's hardware" and any display
test did beter on windows, asumeby due to drivers

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