Perl on Redhat 9 switches to character semantics

Hans Leidekker hans at
Sun May 18 08:48:50 CDT 2003

On Sat, 17 May 2003, Shachar Shemesh wrote:

> No, they are in whatever locale the string is. In particular, the entire 
> keyboard code is filled to the brim with strings, each with a different 
> locale. I'm talking about functional code here, not something which is 
> only inside comments.

I know Wine sources are not declared as adhering to any particular
character set, but when I display them using ISO_8859-1 I see the
least distortions. That's why I said "it looks like" they are 

> No can do ASCII.  A hebrew "שלום" will not look good, or at all, for 
> that matter, in ASCII.

That's obvious. Hebrew won't look good in ISO_8859-1 either. Then,
like I said, your option is to "escape" characters outside ASCII-7,
like Germans do with their umlauts. If that Hebrew string you presented
is your name, then "Shachar" could be seen as an escaped ASCII-7 
notation for it, couldn't it?

> UTF-8 may work for resources, if the resource
> compiler is adjusted accordingly, but not inside the code, where the 
> encoding actually matters for the code that parses it.
> >2. Set character set to "C" or "ISO8859-1" prior to 
> >   running perl on the sources
> >
> That sounds better, I think... What does perl do with the sources again?

By Perl I in fact mean any Wine tool that's written in Perl. Mostly
running regexps on the sources is what they do I guess.

> Plus you have not solved the functional strings problem.

What do you mean by "functional strings"?


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