Steven Edwards steven_ed4153 at
Mon May 19 08:48:59 CDT 2003

> What concerns me more is that judging from what I see floating around out 
> there, the gcc devs just plain aren't interested.  Some of them are saying 
> "let's be flexible" but the majority seem to be saying "Do it in C++, C 
> should not absorb any new fancy features unless they are standardized by 
> ANSI" or some other discouraging thing.

Maybe the main gcc developers but the mingw team seems to support the idea. Once it gets in Mingw
it is only another minor release before it makes it in to GCC HEAD. The ReactOS team introduced
the fastcall patches and that took a while but I think they are in the main branch now.

> I'm not sure I'm sold on this... I mean, I realize maybe I should be the one 
> selling you if I want to get a patch in, but could you elaborate on the "why" 
> of this a little bit?  I like the idea of generating __TRY from widl instead 
> of RpcTryExcept, that's a consistiency issue basically... but expecting 
> compiler support to materialize for seh seems a bit optimistic, frankly.

Well compiler support is going to needed for us on the ReactOS side one day not to far off and we
are going to have to implement it. With or without the WINE teams help we are going to do this one
day. It would be a better if we could all work together to get this done rather then implement a
bunch of half-broken hacks.


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