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Mon May 19 15:51:52 CDT 2003

"Gregory M. Turner" <gmturner007 at> writes:

> I am sure that there is no shortage of appropriately-licensed C lexer/parsers 
> out there I could borrow code from, so maybe the implementation part might 
> not be so difficult as it seems at a glance.  If you are open to the concept, 
> Alexandre, I'd be happy to experiment.  If not, I'd be happy to give up for 
> the time being, and focus on other things ;)

It's not so much the concept, but I think you greatly underestimate
the complexity of the task. Standard C simply doesn't have the
expressive power you need, so you will end up basically reinventing a
C compiler; and the end result not only won't work as well as a
gcc-integrated solution, but will be even more work to implement in
the first place.

Of course it's your time to spend as you like, and if hacking C
parsers is your idea of fun, by all means go ahead. But if you are
looking for ways to help Wine, doing just about anything else would be
more productive in the end IMO.

Alexandre Julliard
julliard at

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