Help with dlopen and friends

Vincent Béron vberon at
Thu May 22 14:52:07 CDT 2003

Le jeu 22/05/2003 à 15:38, Shachar Shemesh a écrit :

> >If this is actually the scheme they use, don't worry about future
> >versions not working - all future versions will have that function, they
> >may have other versions with different end tags though.
> >
> So how come "nm -D" comes up with only one version of the function? I 
> don't think they intend for this to be the case.

If there's only one such version, some magic with nm + strstr + a huge
knock on wood should do the trick. Plus cross your fingers just in case
the function has changed its syntax. And don't do it on a friday the
13th, as it may then all crumble :)

> I'm going to static link. It seems like the only sensible solution. 
> Since I have 2.1, and Eric has 2.6, there is little hope of doing 
> dynamic linking and hoping for it to work.

Then it's not a soft link anymore, and you need to rely on packagers to
have it installed (as every other dependency) for it to work. I just
checked, and it's not in RH9. I'm not sure about other distros (probably
Debian has it, and maybe eastern-oriented distros).


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