File locking and Samba

Mike Hearn mike at
Sun May 25 16:35:31 CDT 2003


Are there any known issues with file locking and samba? I've been
talking to a guy on IRC who is running some kind of database app with
some stuff remotely mounted via Samba (the same arrangement is used in
windows). This is the sort of thing that appears in the trace:

trace:file:_lopen ('K:\wine0594.GA2',0022)
trace:file:CreateFileW L"K:\\wine0594.GA2" GENERIC_READ GENERIC_WRITE
warn:file:FILE_CreateFile Unable to create file
'/usr/share/server/anp/wine0594.GA2' (GLE 32)
trace:file:CreateFileW returning 0xffffffff

Over and over. So code 32 is a sharing violation, which made me wonder
about this. Am I on the right track?

thanks -mike

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