Application crashes (something to do with OLE 16/32 split)

Mike Hearn mike at
Sun May 25 16:37:55 CDT 2003

This is the trace I get:

Unhandled exception: unimplemented function storage.dll.IStream16_Stat
called in 32-bit code (0x4126eb7a).
In 32-bit mode.
0x4126eb7a (__wine_unimplemented+0x52 [storage.spec.c] in
jmp    0x4126eb74 (__wine_unimplemented+0x4c [storage.spec.c] in
45      static void __wine_stub_StgCreateDocFileOnILockBytes(void) {
__wine_unimplemented("StgCreateDocFileOnILockBytes"); }
=>0 0x4126eb7a (__wine_unimplemented+0x52 [storage.spec.c] in (ebp=41092118)
  1 0x4126edc8 (__wine_stub_IStream16_Clone [storage.spec.c:66] in (ebp=41092128)

So we have 3 possibilities for the stub:

* IStream16_Stat
* StgCreateDocFileOnILockBytes
* IStream16_Clone

Time to play guess the stub - wholesome fun for all the family! :)

My initial thought about the ole split was wrong of course, I was put
off by the fact that Hongli had just upgraded his wine version from
about a year ago, and that was the last thing I could remember happening
to ole 16 bit. It's not in CVS yet though I think......

thanks -mike

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