Thomas Hergenhahn Thomas.hergenhahn at web.de
Mon May 26 05:03:58 CDT 2003

Dear all,

in issue 170 of your weekly newsleeter, I read about your difficulties to get at the specifications 
for DCOM/DCE/RPC wire protocol.
I think that the following information might be of some interest to you:

1. There is project named FreeDCE on sourceforge. As far as I saw most recent CVS entries are 
about 21 months of age.

2. I found the following article which describes how to build a DCOM client on Linux using 
This article also confirms that the wire protocol is the same RPC protocol that FreeDCE 
implements. The example client does not use the NTLM authentication, so it could connect only 
to a server that is configured to grant access/launch without authentication.

3. The samba project has an rpcclient that can list printer drivers, remote shut down a machine 
and more things. It uses authentication and so I suppose it implements NTLM.



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