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Shachar Shemesh wine-devel at
Tue May 27 12:06:48 CDT 2003

Francois Gouget wrote:

>On Tue, 27 May 2003, Shachar Shemesh wrote:
>>This includes the begining of a Build doc in wine-devel. It also
>>contains a list of the soft-dependancies I spotted, and urging the
>>packagers to consider this list.
>This section does not belong in the Winelib guide. The Winelib guide
>deals with how to compile Windows applications using Wine, not how to
>compile Wine itself.
Phew! Good thing I placed it in wine-devel, then :-)

>This list of dependencies would fit better in the PACKAGING guide,
>between the REQUIREMENTS and WINE COMPONENTS sections.
I know. I'm thinking of just placing a comment there that directs 
packagers to the wine-*devel* docs.

>You could also add something like this to the REQUIREMENTS section:
>    * A build system satisfying all Wine's soft and hard dependencies so
>      that the resulting Wine package has all Wine's features.
I'm not sure about the hard dependancies. I don't feel comfertable 
recommending to packagers to depend on hard dependancies, as that 
changes what is ultimatly needed to install the package. I think hard 
dependancies are up to the packager to decide whether she wants them in 
or not. Soft dependancies, on the other hand, have very little, if any, 
reason to be excluded.

>You may also want to point to this section from the README's
>'COMPILATION' section.
Could be a good idea, yes.

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