Tom twickline at
Wed May 28 00:48:43 CDT 2003

Then use decent tools => upgrade CVS.

Well in my simple point of view I am !
I went and got the latest update for RH 7.3
from :
I also just looked and RH *9* use's 1.11.2-10 here is the link :
So im not sure Dimi's suggestion about 1.11.5 will work.........As 1.11.5 is in RH RawHide .. And no one
who cares about a stable Box is going to use RawHide Warez..........

I say go with -z 0 and let it be !!!!!!!!

This also helps on the WineHQ sever on over head. Right ?
And as ive said before anyone who has ever used cvs before 
can still compress to there hearts content..


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