msdos/int21 CREAT special cases

Pouech Eric DMI AEI CAEN pouech-eric at
Wed May 28 06:11:28 CDT 2003

please stop using krnl386.exe export when possible (especially for dos emulation which is going out of kernel32/krnl386.exe combo). So, if CreateFile can do, please use it (ditto for any other krnl386 file related functions)
this is needed for proper DLL separation
> Hmm, and is there a reason to not do it in _lcreat16() instead?
> Or is _lcreat16() really "clever" enough to handle volume labels
> "properly" if called directly?
> Somehow I doubt it... ;)
> Or in fact you could walk further up the chain and maybe find that even
> _lcreat() should be the function to have that check instead...
> (or, for that matter, even CreateFileA and thus CreateFileW...)
> So my rough guess is that this should probably be prevented in CreateFileW
> instead even.

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