kernel32 file operations and wildcard filenames

Pouech Eric DMI AEI CAEN pouech-eric at
Wed May 28 06:13:46 CDT 2003

> Under Windows (2K) all functions such as DeleteFile, CopyFile, MoveFile,
> CreateDirectory and such do return FALSE and normally set the last error
> to ERROR_INVALID_NAME (123) if one of the filenames passed in contains a
> wildcard (*?).
> Wines kernel32 behaves somewhat different. Apart from returning different
> last errors in most cases such as:
> DeleteFile: ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND (2)
> CopyFile: ERROR_BAD_PATHNAME (161)
> MoveFile: ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND (2) when source contains wildcards
> which all wouldn't really be a to big issue, there is one thing which
> seems not right at all to me:
>     MoveFile with a valid existing source and a target with wildcards
>     will create a file on disk containing wildcards in its name. This
>     certainly can't be the intention!
> So according to Win2K it would be probably useful to check in all those
> functions for existence of wildcards in the input file paths and refuse
> them properly.
> I took a look at the kernel32 file.c functions and saw that they usually
> all call DOSFS_GetFullName which is supposed to check for valid filenames
> and such. Problem is this function is also used in many other places and
> I can't get a good idea if those might need to accept wildcards in file
> names.
> Is there anyone more familiar with the kernel32 implementation in Wine
> who could maybe give me some insight if an according change to
> DOSFS_GetFullName would be useful or rather cause possible regressions?
> Otherwise the best thing to do would probably be to add explicit wildcard
> tests to all those file function and refuse with an according last error
> set. If I do not get any reactions this is probably what I will do as I'm
> somewhat weary to change an internal low level function such as
> DOSFS_GetFullName without some third party encouragement.
those functions are likely to be rewritten RSN (and DOSFS_GetFullName may even disappear)
So I'd suggest rather starting by writing test cases for those functions so we could use those tests when the rewrite is going to take place


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