Wine folks interested in a CHM spec?

Dimitrie O. Paun dimi at
Wed May 28 10:31:55 CDT 2003

On 28 May 2003, Mike Hearn wrote:

> Rereading Enders email I can't quite decide if he stubbed Qt out in
> order to get it running on Win32 or not.... if we were to track KHTML
> CVS, stubs would be the only solution, but as it might need to be forked
You guys are nuts! :) Who is going to maintain all this. This is a
*large* project. Look at Mozilla for crying out loud, a full blown
HTML/JS/etc. engine will easily double the size/scope of Wine.

Stubbing is the only solution IMO. BTW, I knew about that project,
I email with the guy a bit, he didn't seem to understand some things,
even though I tried hard to explain. Like for example he wanted to
implement everything (controls, etc.) on top of GDI because the
standard controls are bloated and slow... Heh! I gave up. Obviously,
with that approach I didn't expect him to get too far.


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