Wine folks interested in a CHM spec?

Mike Hearn m.hearn at
Wed May 28 10:37:15 CDT 2003

> Any current efforts to port WebCore to Win32? Or it's maybe easier
> to create a WinCode? BTW, any idea how big this effort is?

In a minute I'll get on with some work and stop spamming everyone. One
last thing, the WebCore framework isn't what we're interested in, we
want KWQ (pronounced quack apparently) which is what maps Qt -> MacOS.

Unfortunately, it seems KWQ is mostly MacOS specific. It's written in
Objective C++, a language I didn't even suspect the existance of until I
read the sources. Example:

    NSTableView *tableView = [(NSScrollView *)getView() documentView];
    [tableView setDelegate:nil];
    [tableView setDataSource:nil];
    [_items release];

As if C++ wasn't hard enough to read already! KWQ consists of 296 files,
might as well call it 300. These cover a part of the Qt classes and also
the KDE ones. Quite a few are simply stubs:

int QXmlParseException::lineNumber() const
    ERROR("not yet implemented");
    return 0;

Luckily, most of the files are small, in fact some are about 2-3k, of
which most is the boilerplate header (seems to be a pretty liberal

Some parts, like KWKQURL (i kid you not, that is the name of the class)
look pretty reusable. Other parts are heavily reliant upon the NeXTStep

Basically porting it to Win32 would be a major piece of work. KWQ itself
is a large effort. I'm not sure why Apple didn't simply license Qt for
its developers, then bind it into Objective-C in the traditional way.
That would surely have been simpler than duplicating all this code from
Qt. Perhaps the idea that the cost of Qt is insignificant next to
developer time, as espoused lately by some KDE devs, is flawed? Or maybe
it was needed to get good bindings into their Cocoa framework (sounds
unlikely but possible).

Anyway. I'm guessing that porting this would be the first step, if KHTML
was used.

thanks -mike
(goes back to work)

Mike Hearn <m.hearn at>
QinetiQ - Malvern Technology Center

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