Fix for ddraw: CreateSurface

Sylvain Petreolle spetreolle at
Thu May 29 03:45:28 CDT 2003

Do you think I should check for the OVERLAY flag into CreateSurface or
into createoffscreen ?

In case I put it in CreateSurface :
- An unhandled case is asked
- If this is an overlay, report not supported
- Otherwise assume offscreenplain 
Am I right here ?

> Well, I think it would be better to check for the OVERLAY flag and
> return
> 'NOT SUPPORTED' in this case.
> Could you try this and tell us if it works too ?

>                      Lionel
> PS: can't really send a patch as I am a bit far from my box :-)
me too :) (at work now, we work on non-working days) 
I will try this afternoon.

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