Bultin OCX?

Mike Hearn mike at theoretic.com
Thu May 29 08:47:32 CDT 2003

>  One of the goals of this project would be replacing current native Winsock control by a "Bultin OCX". 

Could you explain to me what the Winsock Control is? We have a winsock
DLL implementation already.....

> I've look at Wine Documentation
> ant it's simple to create a native DLL, but i've seen nothing 
> about the possibility of creating a builtin OCX. Is there any way
> to do it? What about registry issues?

It is possible yes, but rather hard. OCXs are mainly for plugging into
IDEs yes? They are normally shipped with the app. So would we really
need one in Wine?

Also, such a thing would need to use the Win32 winsock api really, not
unix sockets.

thanks -mike

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