Internet Explorer regressions

Mike Hearn mike at
Thu May 29 10:19:44 CDT 2003

I've been doing that, but unfortunately am limited in how far I can go
back before I lose NPTL support and wine stops running.

If it's my setup here then it'll also be borked. I'm sending latest CVS
into work, to see if that breaks IE as well, then I'll know if it's code
or environment.

I'm not really sure what to do about tracking back past NPTL support. I
think I still have SuSE 8 installed, I could reboot into that I

On Thu, 2003-05-29 at 16:15, Dimitrie O. Paun wrote:
> On 29 May 2003, Mike Hearn wrote:
> > I'm wondering if I broke my setup somewhere along the way, or if the
> > latest round of checkins b0rked IE. 
> A bit of regression testing (binary search in CVS) should give the
> answer... Sorry, i don't run IE to know the answer by heart.

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