Apps with problems during install using Managed Mode

Gerhard W. Gruber sparhawk at
Thu May 29 10:23:06 CDT 2003

On Thu, 29 May 2003 15:53:56 +0200, Carlos Lozano <clozano at> wrote:

>I have been checking some apps what had problems in order
>to install in Managed Mode (due to background above the
>continue window) and after of apply the change what i sent 
>yesterday it started to work. With luck it should work for
>every Installshield app. Now the question:
>Do you know more apps with problems installing in managed mode?

Can you provide a list of apps that you tested? I know that DarkProject 2 hung
on install and I know another app as well, but I don't remeber which one that
was. I can try several of course.

>inline static BOOL is_window_managed( WND *win )

This is the patch? Then I'll apply it and test some things.

Gerhard Gruber

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