Bultin OCX?

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Thu May 29 11:16:24 CDT 2003


>Could you explain to me what the Winsock Control is? We have a >winsock DLL implementation already.....

Winsock.dll is the Windows API to manage sockets, but Winsock control
is a high-level library, provided with Visual Studio 6.0. It is
mainly used by Visual Basic programmers, as it provides a very simple
interface to send and receive data via TCP/UDP protocols. It provides
some events (Connection, Data received, Data Sent...), and a easy
way to send different data types (automatic conversion for unicode
strings, for example) 

>They are normally shipped with the app. So would we really need one >in Wine?

I think one of the goals of wine is to implement all the functions
of windows systems, for instance now i'm testing an application
written in VB that uses both Winsock.ocx and mscomm.ocx (RS-232),
and I would like to use as builtin libraries/"com libraries" as possible, instead of using a "closed ocx", in which i can't do anything if something
fails...I know now exists some builtin programs like wine-Notepad or winemine, so i think, the next step is to develop builtin OCX...under
wine license

OCXs are mainly for plugging into IDEs yes?

Well, some ocx yes, but Winsock.ocx has not any visible interface,
and it can be used without IDEs, simply by calling the COM server  


Daniel Campos

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>  One of the goals of this project would be replacing current native Winsock control by a "Bultin OCX". <br><br>Could you explain to me what the Winsock Control is? We have a winsock<br>DLL implementation already.....<br><br>> I've look at Wine Documentation<br>> ant it's simple to create a native DLL, but i've seen nothing <br>> about the possibility of creating a builtin OCX. Is there any way<br>> to do it? What about registry issues?<br><br>It is possible yes, but rather hard. OCXs are mainly for plugging into<br>IDEs yes? They are normally shipped with the app. So would we really<br>need one in Wine?<br><br>Also, such a thing would need to use the Win32 winsock api really, not<br>unix sockets.<br><br>thanks -mike<br><br><br>

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