Generating incremental diffs

Shachar Shemesh wine-devel at
Thu May 29 17:33:16 CDT 2003

Johan Dahlin wrote:

>>I tried running "diff -u -r wine.ref wine". The problem is that this 
>>generated tons of diffs in files in the "CVS" directory. Don't ask me 
>>why there were differences there.
>This is the right way, you just have to tweak the arguments to diff or
>grep away some stuff (CVS for example).
>Use -x or -X options combined with grep [-v]
>-x PAT  --exclude=PAT       Exclude files that match PAT.
>-X FILE --exclude-from=FILE Exclude files that match any pattern in FILE
Thanks! I must have misread the documentation. Programing at half past 1 
AM is not as effective as it might be.


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