Turkish LANG. problem

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at baikal.ru
Sat May 31 20:29:10 CDT 2003

"Arman Aksoy" <armish at linux-sevenler.de> wrote:

> I am posting this mail to you because it was rejected by the mail list
> admin .
> (It's too big)

Because it's always a good idea to compress large attachments before sending.

> armish> wine --version
> Wine 20030408
> armish> wine mirc.exe --debugmsg +relay,+x11drv
> Output is : tr_TR.txt (in the attachment)
> Mirc didnt run.
> then I tried:
> armish> export LAN=en_US
> armish> wine mirc.exe
> Output is : en_US.txt
> This time, it did run.

It looks like either you have mixed several Wine installations or the fact
that you are using native NT install as a base beats you.


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