Resources page updates........

Tom twickline at
Sat May 31 22:39:18 CDT 2003


I was looking over the Resource page :
And ive found we are linked to some ... not alot but a couple 404's
For example under "WIN 32"  _Win 32 API Intro_  .. We have :
and it is one of the 404 sites.. I would like to change this to :

So the question is ???

On all the 404's ........if I find a equivalent to what we now have is 
it alright with everyone
if I send a patch to fix this ? ( I would only guess yes )

Ive also found some sites that have the same info that were pointing 
to.. And there more upto
date than the ones that we currently point to. I would like to also 
update there links as well.

I'm just asking here for thoughts/insight ..
If there are no objections ill work on this patch monday.. lots of lead 
time right :)


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