Status of Winelib?

Ralf Juengling juenglin at
Wed Nov 5 12:33:29 CST 2003

Dear Wine developers,

I contemplate using Winelib to compile and run an 
application, which was (keeps being) developed on Windows
on my Linux box. There is relatively little Windows
specific code in it (mostly concerning the GUI), so chances
might be good to get it running with Winelib and a minimum
of code changes.

To get started with Winelib, I followed the instructions
in the Winelib user's guide and tried to compile the test 
drive application "winemine". After some help from this
list, I finally got it compiled but winemine crashes 
immediately on invocation. 
Now I wonder whether something is wrong with my Wine 
installation or whether the test drive application simply
doesn't work in the current Wine release (wine-20031016).

Could somebody please confirm one or the other (winemine
compiles and runs with wine-20031016 or not)?


Ralf Juengling <juenglin at>

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