Introduction and winedbg bt problem

Kai Brüning kai at
Sat Nov 8 10:39:31 CST 2003

Rob wrote:
>Winedbg does not use imagehlp.dll at the moment - it has its own symbol
>loader. It was working fine for me yesterday on my own program which uses
>MSVC6 symbols.
>Are you sure that you are running the program in the same directory as the

Thanks for the tip. The problem was indeed that the current direction has be set to the program (and .pdb) directory. Otherwise winedbg looks for the .pdb file at many locations but not the right one (I learned this from "warn" debug messages).

Now I have the next problem: RagTime uses C++ exceptions quite extensively. Each  exception drops me into winedbg. Continuing with "pass" works nicely, but the frequency makes debugging pretty much infeasable.

Is there any way to tell winedbg to ignore/auto pass C++ exceptions?


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