Potential forum at linuxquestions.org

Mike Hearn mike at theoretic.com
Mon Nov 10 09:40:54 CST 2003


The idea of a user forum was raised on IRC a few weeks ago and Jeremy White
suggested we use a web based forum as the newsgroups and mailing lists
were too hard to use/outdated.

I've talked to Jeremy Garcia who runs linuxquestions.org and he said he'd
be willing to host the forum, probably as a subforum of Software if the
Wine project was to officially recognise it and a few developers agreed to
keep half an eye on it. I'm willing to do so, I already answer questions
on LQ occasionally, and I expect out of all of us here we can rustle up a
few more.

The advantages of using LQ would be:

* Only effort for Jeremy Newman would be to apply a patch that links to
the forum from WineHQ
* It's already very well indexed by search engines, and has a good search
facility built in.
* It's popular and well known, for some it's a first port of call when the
docs don't help.
* Wine developers can get a "title" by which they can be recognised in the
forums. I think having an entry in the changelog is good enough criteria
for this.
* Wine tech support already takes place there daily. It might as well be
officially recognised.

I'm willing to put the work in to get this started, if people agree it's a
good idea - ie I'd write a patch for WineHQ, moderate the forum, write
some sticky threads and so on, but obviously I'd need help to actually
answer the questions.

What do people think? Good plan? Bad plan?
thanks -mike

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