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Ferenc Wagner wferi at afavant.elte.hu
Mon Nov 10 21:18:20 CST 2003


I am making slow progress with this thing.  It grew sort of
usable: can be cross compiled and run to produce sensible
output (tested on XP only).  Present questions:

1. How to integrate cross compilation into the Makefile?

2. It is possible to compile this as a Winelib application,
   but the spawn call must be modified to invoke Wine
   instead of the test itself.  Gives better results for the
   comctl32 tests (DPA import et al.), but is it worth it?
   Do we need is_elf and friends?

3. How to derive/give the cleaning rules?

4. Did Jon Bright contribute his SMTP client in the end?  We
   could as well use it...  Or would it be better (more
   reliable) to POST it through HTTP?

5. The #include section at the top of main.c looks weird.
   (It is the minimum to compile without warnings.)  Maybe
   mkdir() should be moved into port.h?

6. EXTRADEFS = -DWINELIB is probably the wrong way.

7. Is there a way to get this into CVS after all?


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