Visuals and GL contexts

Tom twickline at
Fri Nov 21 11:38:34 CST 2003

Lionel Ulmer wrote:
>>1. Should I add a new config option (something like RequireAlphaChannel) 
>>- FWIW I hate this idea
>>2. Is it ever going to be possible to replace a wine Xwindows visual? 
>>What is involved in doing this? This is the 'perfect' solution.
>>3. Can I default double buffering and alpha on regardless and remove the 
>>doublebuffering property. How does this affect non game apps?
> This issue was already raised a long time ago on wine-devel about GL
> contexts (for OpenGL emulation and not for D3D). The problem is that I
> cannot really find this thread again in my archives (I just remember
> Alexandre's answer 'It won't be easy' :-) ).

Hello Lionel,

May I ask,  When you cut out the reply
not to cut the original author ? This way we can see both
authors at the same time with out doing a search or reply-all!

We should try to make life more simple not the other way around.......



others as well :-)

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