Brian Vincent (C) VincentB at coppercolorado.com
Fri Nov 21 16:10:04 CST 2003

> If I am not mistaken, I offered him commit access a while ago. He was
> content at the time to have my slow butt commit. The offer still 
> stands.

Yeah.. maybe it's time I take you up on it.  

Up until recently I didn't have reliable shell access.  Now I've
got a nice shell account and have reliable access from home. 
CVS access won't make my life any easier, however.  I still have to
mail Zack Brown the issues for his Kernel Traffic site.  But adding
a few steps shouldn't be a big deal.  I think Eric always did the
commits himself a few years ago.

> I try to commit as soon as I see the XML, but when he sends it to
> wine-patches at midnight on a Friday, well... it just may not get up
> until Monday morning.

Or, more likely, 2am on Saturday.  I'm usually not drunk enough by
midnight to finish a WWN issue ;)  CVS access might be a good thing
since my winter schedule is going to be changing quite a bit.  The
late Thursday/early Friday approach might be harder.  One nice thing
about posting these by midday on Friday is that we probably get a few
more people reading them as opposed to publishing them on a Saturday.


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