Mysterious icon-change

Ivan Leo Murray-Smith puoti at
Thu Nov 27 17:34:02 CST 2003

I get the IE icon to stay the same in quick launch, but all the desktop icons
are messed up. For example, I have m$ cart trial installed, and the link to my
computer (You don't have it on the desktop in win2k3 so I linked it) has the m$
cart icon, midtown madnesss trial has the icon of starlancer, motocross madness
2 had the icon of age of empires expantion, monster truck madness trial has the
icon of age of empires the conquerors, age of empires has the icon of max
paynem and the few icons are OK. Now this is a test box where (For a while) I
can install/format/break configuration/change OS as much as I like, but someone
in a production environment (Or even on a pc used for normal use from time to
time) may find this irritating. Apart from this, the directx tests are very
impressive. I'm posting the test results to wine-tests-results.

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