Default printer and patch management

Mike Hearn mike at
Thu Nov 27 18:04:13 CST 2003

On Thu, 2003-11-27 at 22:59, Huw D M Davies wrote:
> We should be doing this already.  If cups is installed then we use the
> cups default, otherwise for printcap systems we use the PRINTER
> env variable or if that isn't set the first entry in /etc/printcap.
> Take a look at dlls/winspool/info.c

Well, at least in the copy I have WINSPOOL_EnumPrinters has this:

    /* PRINTER_ENUM_DEFAULT is only supported under win9x, we behave like NT */
    if(dwType == PRINTER_ENUM_DEFAULT)
	return TRUE;

ie it's a no-op. Bear in mind I don't have any printers installed, the
only driver available is the Wine PostScript driver so neither CUPs nor
printcap is set up.

thanks -mike

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