Regression in lstrcmpiA (occurred in late June, NLS related)

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Thu Oct 2 04:28:12 CDT 2003

"Troy Rollo" <wine at> wrote:

> Well right now it's not using any table at all - it's just going through to 
> strncmpiW, which is essentially a word-by-word comparison. Presumably the 
> issue now is copyright on the MS version of the table. Do you have anything 
> written down on the differences that you can give me so I can look for 
> work-arounds?

I'm attaching current diff between CX Office and WineHQ CVS edited manually
to remove not related parts, ignoring that in dlls/kernel/tests/locale.c
some parts missing in the CX Office CVS got removed. The diff is provided
solely for demonstrating what exactly fixes were made and for testing,
it's not ready yet for inclusion into the WIneHQ due to reasons explained

Some areas of interest are CompareString test suite, changes for unicode
collation table, and changes in the CompareString implementation.

Sorry, I compressed the diff since only few of you all might be interested
to look at the really boring details...

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