Crash in 16-bit code

André Johansen andrejoh at
Sat Oct 4 07:13:50 CDT 2003

* Sylvain Petreolle wrote:
| Please give more inforamtion. (cf

wineconfig was happy -- I have two Wine installations; it noticed
that, and some registry notice:

026. Checking availability of windows registry entries...   NOTICE (entry "Default Taskbar" not found).
- ADVICE: A Windows registry does not seem to have been added to Wine as this typical Windows registry entry does not exist in Wine's registry.  A complete original Windows registry entry set will *not* be available with a no-windows install. Usually this will present no problem in running applications although this can affect newer programs. Feel free to ignore this message in case you do use a Windows registry, but have the SaveOnlyUpdatedKeys config setting set to N..

26 tests. 1 suspicious, 0 bad, 0 critical, 0 failed.
Wine configuration correctness score: 99.50%

| Are you using the latest Wine version ? 

Ah, sorry -- I'm using an up to date CVS build.

I don't have a Windows-installation at all; my Wine installation is
rather clean.  I'll try changing the Windows-version that Wine uses.

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