[ANNOUNCE]WineWorks - yet another utility to configure Wine!

Roderick Colenbrander thunderbird2k at gmx.net
Sat Oct 4 16:04:52 CDT 2003


I tried to run the tool and there is one (serious) problem related to the 
fonts. It looks like you used fixed positions for most widgets. The problem 
is that this looks bad with bigger fonts. See the attachment.

Roderick Colenbrander

On Saturday 04 October 2003 20:21, Subhobroto Sinha wrote:
> Hello all,
> well this is NOT yet another effort to imitate
> WineCfg!
> WineCfg needs Wine to be running to work. WineWorks
> does NOT need Wine to be running.
> WineWorks has been developed using Qt 3.1.1
> WineWorks has been written keeping it in mind as MORE
> of a troubleshooting tool rather than a customization
> and configuring tool. That is something WineCfg is
> there for.
> I intend to make WineWorks as a tool which can HELP a
> user figure out potential problems which can hinder
> running Wine on his machine and to resolve those
> issues so that Wine may be up and going... all from a
> easy to use GUI.
> Please try out the program and send reports back to
> <subhobrotosinha at yahoo dot com> with [WINEWORKS] in
> the subject line and an optional line appended to it
> if required.
> I will soon put the details up on my site as soon as I
> get a few reports in my mail box.
> The program is attached compressed as 'WineWorks.zip'
> and has MD5 Sum '145a82af87efa62c8a694c5a1c18a0a5'.
> NOTE: It's recommended that you run WineWorks from a
> shell window to see the trace/debug messages. That way
> you can see what it's doing behind the scenes and
> where it went wrong (if it did)..
> Thanks ;)
> Regards
> Subhobroto Sinha
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