WINE porting templates

Dimitrie O. Paun dpaun at
Sat Oct 11 01:50:14 CDT 2003

On October 10, 2003 08:17 pm, Steven Edwards wrote:
> Here are the templatates I have stated on for the website regarding
> porting WINE to other CPUs and Compilers. Please send any flames about
> spelling/grammer to \Device\NUL as I this is a work in progress. If you
> have worked on any of the following ports please send me the correct
> information and summery. I plan on trying to be done with the
> porting.template by Monday and would like to get the
> status_porting.template done by the following Monday.

Nice. Some suggestions:

  -- take out the "completed" bit, it's too verbose.
  -- I'd add also the different headers to the table
  -- would be nice to organize the table like so:
...|        Compilers     |    Headers   |             OS            |  Architecture |
...| MSVC | MinGW | SunCC | MSVC | MinGW | NetBSD | FreeBSD | Solaris| Sparc | Alpha |

What's up with the 95%, why not 100%? :)

Also, I think we should merge the two pages together, it makes
more sense. The information from porting.template should be
tabulated, and stuck in the status_porting.template, at the
begining. This way, you can have a clear and concise view of
all that's going on, rather than having two disparate pages.


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