Ivan Leo Murray-Smith puoti at
Mon Oct 13 14:21:19 CDT 2003

How can msvcrt possibly be native in a without windows setup? Anyway, if you
want winver as win98, we might as well have winelook at win98 too. 
>Which can lead to the question,
>what's the purpose of it if wineinstall can do it?
wineinstall is a command line tool for installing wine from source code. Most
people would say it's a "For geeks only" thing. You can start winesetuptk
without knowing what a shell is, and you can set it up with a few clicks of the
mouse, it's usually used by people using binary packages, you know, those
people that only use computers as tools and don't know/care about source code and
tweaking configurations, and that could never use wineinstall.

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