configuring wine

Ivan Leo Murray-Smith puoti at
Mon Oct 13 17:20:47 CDT 2003

It's true, winesetuptk is very usable (It's a wizard), and winecfg look more
complicated than anything in windows. I did read that some very simple programs
could run without a windows like filesystem. As winecfg is a winelib app, I
suppose it may be possible to run it without a windows like filesystem, so wine
could look for a registry (Winecfg works with a registry, not a config file), if
it doesn't find it, it starts a wizard-like version of winecfg that allowsthe
users to get wine ready to run, like winesetuptk does.
> The way winesetuptk does it seems less likely to result in mistakes by users.
That's very important for usability and it's why the first time one runs wine he
should get a configuration wizard.
The "Power user" winecfg (What is currently in the CVS) could be in the wine
menu with the wine programs (How this menu is generated, with ros explorer or a
specific linux/winelib app isn't really important) with the configuration
wizard. This way, users just wanting to change the configuration can start the
wizard again, and anybody wanting to tweak the configuration can use the "power
user" version

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