one more thing about resolutions

Alex Pasadyn ajp at
Thu Oct 16 10:14:52 CDT 2003

One more thing I noticed about resolution changing:

Sometimes a program running with Wine terminates without cleaning 
everything up.  When XVidMode is used to switch resolutions, the user 
can use ctrl-alt-plus/minus to restore the resolution.

Those don't work when the resolution was changed with RandR.  A user 
would need to run
     xrandr -s 0
to restore it.  Since that may be hard for some to remember, is it worth 
including a trivial Winelib program that does the same thing?
ChangeDisplaySettings(NULL, 0);
is all it needs to do to restore the default mode.

I have been testing using a simple program that puts up a dialog box 
listing all the modes and lets you choose them.  Is that worth including 
somewhere/merging with winecfg?


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