NTFS driver (was: ReactOS GPL vs. proprietary drivers)

Szakacsits Szabolcs szaka at mlf.linux.rulez.org
Tue Oct 21 14:48:17 CDT 2003

On Tue, 21 Oct 2003, Ivan Leo Murray-Smith wrote:

> >BTW, it would be interesting if one could check, try out what's Longhorn's
> >NTFS version numbers (i.e. if it changed or not). E.g. ntfsresize -i /device
> >would tell it.
> Longhorn doesn't use NTFS, 

Yes, this was the first wave of Microsoft marketing.

> it uses a new filesystem called WinFS, even if it's probably based on

But you missed the tons of corrections, explanations later on ;)
First hit by google:

WinFS isn't a filesystem. It's a date storage technology on top of NTFS.


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