UI bugs hampering porting effort for shaped window

Rob cto at xten.com
Thu Oct 30 14:27:36 CST 2003

Hi Mike,

>> bug 1541 is still *not* fixed correctly. See when passing in NULL in

>Ah OK, sorry about that, I reopened the bug. Would getifaddrs() do the
>trick here? I've not done much work in our winsock code so I can't
>really help here.

Likely, I don't know the correct cross-platform *nix way of doing it. I only
saw source from a STUN server on vovida.org which does SIOCGIFCONF - but I
don't know if that is proper way of doing it. Basically, it must return all
local IPs on the box, if getifaddrs on *nix does that - then it will work.

>Could you write a patch perhaps, as you seen to know what needs to be

I would do so if I know what I were doing when it came to doing it the right
cross-platform-*nix way. I'd more likely introduce more issues than solve,
or introduce some kind of compilation issue on various *nix platforms. My
background is from windows, so I'm not sure the correct way of doing it on

>I'm not sure. It might have broken other apps, the window management
>code is extremely tricky to get right but Alexandre is the expert here.

I can only imagine how tricky this is... However, the current way is
definitely broken too - I guess it's the lesser of the two broken evils...
Our application is basically useless on WINE without Jerry's fix.


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