UI bugs hampering porting effort for shaped window

Rob cto at xten.com
Fri Oct 31 11:50:48 CST 2003

hi Rein,

>On my system everything works as expected: I get a list of all ip
>addresses. That is with valid /etc/hostname and /etc/hosts entries.

That's the trouble. Not every *nux box has the correct results - some do
(like yours) - in fact I'd say many do not. We have done many Linux and
Lindows installs, and none of them had the correct settings in /etc/hostname
and /etc/hosts by default, except one. Incomplete install/configuration or
not, the trouble is that windows guarantees this behaviour and *nix does
not. In the real world, the results are lucky at best we get the correct
results. Those who have tried our product offsite running under WINE run
into the same issue - over and over, the results from gethostname passed
into gethostbyname do not work as it does under windows all of the time.
Worse, they sometimes return the external IP instead of internal IP
addresses. Since we are a windows app - we can't adjust ourselves to bogus
set up /etc/hostname configurations since we have no specific knowledge we
are running under a *nix flavour (as we should not). In order to be
compatible, you MUST guarantee the results from passing NULL or
gethostbyname return a list of local IPs using a different method than
/etc/hostname and /etc/hosts which isn't working right on all *nix machines.
Seems that most people with external IPs had the correct results, but most
people with internal IPs did not. This isn't always the case, but seems to
be a common theme.


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