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Mon Sep 1 09:28:58 CDT 2003

What it does is to emulate win32k.sys and videoprt.sys functionality and
hook the X server up to use any available driver for Win2K/XP. 

The display driver in windows is a two component model, one DLL and one SYS.
The DLL (display driver) links to kernel-mode GDI (win32k) and calls
EngXXX() functions inside it while the SYS (miniport) links to the VideoPort
(and unfortunately to other NTOSKRNL exports). While the latter poses no
difficulty since XP graphics drivers are supposed to only use exports from
win32k and videoprt, one of the main difficulties will be to get the OpenGL
ICD driver to run on top of Linux since it can potentially call any
user-mode export which would require me to emulate all of the Windows
user-mode environment. WINE could probably help a lot in this respect.

I will let you know as soon as I have the latest Radeon driver running
inside my prototype.


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Hi Klaus and Steven,
Since this project will provide Microsoft drivers functionnality, will
it emulate vga.dll and others dlls ? I agree with the fact this sounds
really interesting,
but I dont see now in which case this could provide some gain to the
linux user.
Do some display exist and need really specific drivers to function ?

> There is no code yet on this site but I would take this guy at his
word as he is the one 
> that developed the Private ICE debugger for Linux. One of our
developers with the 
> ReactOS project ported PICE to ReactOS so we could debug drivers.
Well now it 
> seems he has decided to try and implement support for Windows Video
drivers on
> Linux.

> This sounds interesting.
> "I'd also like to announce the start of a new project called "MSCGDI"
> (Microsoft Compatible Graphics Device Interface).

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