Building winetests as a winelib app (Was: Re: Source release and download directory)

Jakob Eriksson jakob at
Mon Sep 1 13:29:02 CDT 2003

Dimitrie O. Paun wrote:

>No, there's no problem, but the question is more why not? It may
>be just for aethetics, but I think that counts in OSS :)
>If there are big problem, we can drop it, but if it's just a
>minimal attention to detail... Also, the big advantage is that
>would alow it's development and testing under Linux which is
>a big plus for people (like me) that don't develop under Windows.
Sure. A reason as good as any. I assume you mean as a Winelib app?  
Maybe someone
can show me later how that is done.

>>True, but I have also learnt from elsewhere that it is best that there
>>is something substantial before it is handed over.   ;-)
>No problem -- as long as we're moving forward ;)

I am coding today aswell... ;-)


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