AW: Windows Video Drivers on Linux

Ove Kaaven ovehk at
Tue Sep 2 01:22:52 CDT 2003

man, 01.09.2003 kl. 16.28 skrev Klaus Gerlicher:
> What it does is to emulate win32k.sys and videoprt.sys functionality
> and hook the X server up to use any available driver for Win2K/XP. 
> The display driver in windows is a two component model, one DLL and
> one SYS. The DLL (display driver) links to kernel-mode GDI (win32k)
> and calls EngXXX() functions inside it while the SYS (miniport) links
> to the VideoPort (and unfortunately to other NTOSKRNL exports). While
> the latter poses no difficulty since XP graphics drivers are supposed
> to only use exports from win32k and videoprt, one of the main
> difficulties will be to get the OpenGL ICD driver to run on top of
> Linux since it can potentially call any user-mode export which would
> require me to emulate all of the Windows user-mode environment. WINE
> could probably help a lot in this respect.

Well, as an alternative, you could always write a Direct3D HAL driver
for Mesa/DRI. That may get you better hardware compatibility (more
vendors seem to have good Direct3D drivers than good OpenGL drivers),
and the HAL is unlikely to use additional DLLs.

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