[ANN] Conformance testing campaign

Dimitrie O. Paun dimi at intelliware.ca
Tue Sep 2 13:17:16 CDT 2003

On Tue, 2 Sep 2003, Ferenc Wagner wrote:

> 2. A simple batch file could be provided to zip up the
>    results, if I knew how to use which compression program.
>    Eg. (win)zip can not be found on the XP I have access to.
>    Should I include one in the archive?  Or as a separate
>    link?  Ideas?  Anybody?

The winetests shell is comming along nicely, I don't think
it's worth dupicating effort. It will do all the decompression,
sending of results, cleanup.

> 3. What features/views should the result page have?  What to
>    do with different results for the same Windows version?
>    For native/cross builds?  What to do with different
>    releases?  Surely some backlog must be kept for
>    comparison or reference.  How do you use it?

The current matrix that you have is interesting. We should
include Wine as one of the Windows version. The numbers in
the cells are rather confusing though. I suggest the cells
be coloured green, yellow and red. The colour is based on
the following:
  -- green: all tests received passed
  -- yellow: some tests received failed
  -- red: all tests received failed

The yellow and red cells should be clickable and a popup
should detail the problems.

> 4. I need some guidance for integrating it into the WineHQ
>    page.  Desing ideas (or improvements, if the current can
>    be considered 'design') are also welcome.

We will need to integrate your scripts with the new mailing
list. Please not that people may send results inlines in the
email, as text/plain attachments, or as encoded MIME attachments.
Ideally we should be able to extract them out of the email
regardless of how it was included/attached. For bonus points
we should gunzip/unzip them if they were compressed. :)

But all this is low priority because 99.99% of them will be
sent by winetests I suspect, so we know exactly how they will
be included.


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