[ANN] Conformance testing campaign

Jakob Eriksson jakob at vmlinux.org
Tue Sep 2 17:03:42 CDT 2003

Ferenc Wagner wrote:

>Maybe you misunderstood me.  The question is about
>collecting the MSVC compiled test binaries.  Or is that
>covered, too?

No... let's talk about that.
I can see the benefit of running MSVC compiled tests too.
Maybe we can include them too in winetests.exe somehow.

>Maybe the report formats should converge then.  I find mine
>quite convenient, and have a parser for that... :)

This we could probably fix.  Maybe I could do the output exactly like yours.
As soon as I have run your tests.zip on Windows ME too see what results.txt
looks like I will get back you on this.


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